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Historically, culturally and liturgically speaking, Santeria has been a faith that honors women and upholds their unique benefits in people.

Historically, culturally and liturgically speaking, Santeria has been a faith that honors women and upholds their unique benefits in people.

Several of the most essential and crucial figures in history of Santeria are ladies.

Female designed how the faith progressed inside the “” new world “”. Ladies protected the lore of our religion by-passing in the ways of your ceremonies, the sacred music, together with lexicon of data present the divination systems. Simply place, Santeria was a women’s religion.

The Yoruba are always a matrilineal folks. Ladies held great power in function of their particular community and politics. Whilst the Yoruba tribes are patriarchal in the sense that men held the parts of kings and chiefs, the ladies from the people went the household and orchestrated everyday life. The importance of women can even be observed in the effective female orishas which happen to be based in the pantheon of Santeria. Yemaya will be the mummy of most residing affairs, the master of all oceans and is queen of eden as well as the earth. Oshun, this lady more youthful brother could be the orisha for the lake, the substance of femininity, sensuality, charm and is also a robust witch and seductress. Oya is actually a fierce women warrior orisha exactly who rides the whirlwind, wields a machete, throws lightning and battles by Shango’s part as their equivalent. Obba may be the king orisha which originated in to the underworld and changed herself from a rejected outcast, to a powerful sorceress wielding the abilities of life-and-death. Without an orisha, Iku – the force of passing – is normally depicted as female within our patakis (stories). Actually Olodumare – the originator deity – try gender-neutral bending women inside her part as maker of this market. Women can be regarded as effective and crucial in the middle of Santeria’s religious practise.

Important Women in Santeria

Most females need starred crucial functions for the history of Santeria. These are many of the a lot more popular females – quite a few of whom are found inside moyuba prayer that most initiates recite in our religious practice. Realize whenever you call upon the brands of those mighty forefathers, you’re calling upon the pain of women additionally the important contributions they made in Santeria.

Oba Tero (Ma Monserrate Gonzalez), a Yoruban servant through the town of Egbado and priestess of Shango, was taken to Havana, Cuba for the 1840’s and made the lady way to Matanzas after a dispute with Efunche Warikondo and Latuan (which controlled Santeria application in Havana). She was just about the most influential founders of Santeria in Matanzas. She held the “asiento” style initiation and her special Egbado-centric ways to Matanzas, setting up the differences between Matanzas lineages and Havana lineages. She got a prominent oriate within our faith.

Ferminita Gomez “Ocha Bi” – preserver of Olokun traditions in Santeria

Her goddaughter, Ocha Bi (Ferminita Gomez) a priestess of Yemaya had been important in saving the Lukumi tradition of Olokun praise & most santeros with received Olokun have received their own orisha from the girl lineage of descendants. It was particularly important because she wrestled the control of Olokun’s secrets off the Babalawos, preserving an Ocha-centric lineage of his secrets.

Efunche Warikondo (Rosalia Abreu) an effective priestess and mind in the Cabildo San Jose 80 (a mutual aid society for slaves) was actually perhaps one of the most important numbers in starting the asiento form of kariocha (crowning as a priest) in Santeria. The slaves of Havana worked along to purchase her versatility from bondage. She stated is of royal Yoruban blood. She in addition to Ayaji Latuan (Timotea Albear – a robust and prominent oriate) at one point operated the whole faith of Santeria’s practise within town of Havana, Cuba. Nobody could work in the city without their own endorsement. These two females worked with each other to standardize and create the Oyo-centric “asiento” form of kariocha in Santeria. This form of initiation, where the new priest gets several orishas besides their tutelary orisha, is among the most standard training for all those are initiated in to the priesthood for 95per cent of Olorishas. There is certainly a version which comes off Matanzas as founded by Oba Tero (mentioned before) – but that service can also be an “asiento” form of initiation.

Aurora Lamar – Founder associated with the Atare lineage

Aurora Lamar (goddaughter of Efunche and a priestess of Aggayu) was the founder of this Atare Lineage (Pimienta Lineage) of Santeria called following the Atare region of Havana, Cuba which she resided. She had 100s or a great deal of godchildren that she initiated, and had been known for initiating men and letting them pay in installments. This triggered the woman nickname of “La Asia del Ten Cent” (The Chinese-looking woman of the ten-cent store) because you could pay in ten-cent installments for your initiation.

Ladies comprise oriates and tend to be however capable of being oriates in Santeria. Female had been great godmothers initiating numerous anyone. Ladies divined with diloggun and provided orishas to prospects. Women truly consolidated Santeria’s tactics from Latin dating the fragments of various tribal religious customs into one natural faith.

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