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Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak and his awesome band of carnival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak and his awesome band of carnival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson


Birthday Celebration

Home Town

Household & Family


  • Hal Wilkerson (pops)
  • Lois Wilkerson (mama)


  • Francis (oldest brother)
  • Reese (older buddy)
  • Malcolm (older cousin)
  • Jamie (younger cousin)
  • Unborn sibling


  • Chad
  • Hanson
  • Zoe Desenea
  • Egg
  • Gorak and his band of carnival sideshows
  • Craig Feldspar

Generation Ideas

Initial look

Depicted by

Dewey Wilkerson could be the tritagonist associated with the show. Born July 12, 1993 (depicted by Erik each Sullivan) had been the next and youngest boy of Lois and Hal while in the very first four conditions before birth of Jamie.


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  • 2 Characteristics Traits
  • 3 Relationships
    • 3.1 Reese Wilkerson
    • 3.2 Malcolm Wilkerson
    • 3.3 Francis Wilkerson
    • 3.4 Jamie Wilkerson
    • 3.5 Lois Wilkerson
    • 3.6 Hal Wilkerson
    • 3.7 Family
  • 4 Trivia

Biography [ edit | revise resource ]

The eccentric youngster, Dewey is renowned for their weird attitude and somewhat manipulative means (e.g, Dewey typically sticks situations into their ears) first-time we see your he’s 6 years old but chatspin sign up in programs finale he’s 12, Dewey is the ‘baby’ of this group for the majority of of this show, becoming an adult cousin whenever Jamie comes into the world in finale of month four. He is most artistically inclined than his brothers, playing guitar and producing opera musical in subsequent attacks. In the first period, he was in the first level.

Despite becoming the youngest associated with the Wilkerson brothers at the start of the show plus in comparison on the whining of their earlier brothers (especially Malcolm) Dewey contains the worst lifetime of all of them. They have practiced a life of complete overlook and deprivation from pleasure. His moms and dads being therefore focused on dealing with their harmful elderly brothers and engaging in sexual activity posses dismissed your from time he had been born, having n’t have also taken photographs of your in his infancy and youth rather than also giving him vaccinations and generally neglect happenings with him in the middle. Their earlier brothers do nothing but make the condition tough in addition they as well overlook your and actually and psychologically bully your at every possible options. Dewey sums upwards their lifestyle into the event “Baby: component 1”, revealing that he receives the brief end of the things possesses never ever also practiced basic pleasures of existence eg a bed to himself, a hot shower and even his or her own clothes. Even their birthdays are not spared through the abuse and neglect of their group as their mothers either totally forget about they and his awesome brothers overcome him through to they. As such Dewey is rolling out a hatred for a majority of his nearest and dearest, particularly Reese and is also proven to take genuine pleasures in whatever unhappiness he is able to really deliver onto all of them.

In earlier periods, while a young child, Dewey is proven to need a very bad realize of truth. Frequently from his perspective the guy requires Lois and Hal for things, during truth they are putting a horrendous fit. The guy in addition believed figures on TV were actually talking-to him. Actually their memories and fantasies stray from fact and also the recent circumstance greatly.

Dewey is also disclosed becoming nearly as intelligent as Malcolm, nonetheless Dewey’s intelligence try tailored considerably towards creative activities, the most known which was music that he showed by teaching himself to play the cello expertly together with writing a whole opera. When he got an intelligence test, Malcolm planned to save him from getting make the gifted course very done the exam to make Dewey search silly. nevertheless the guy went too much, and Dewey ended up being added to a class for disturbed young ones referred to as “Buseys”. Although in the beginning frustrated, Dewey understood the Buseys happened to be neglected of the class and grabbed charge ones (as their right instructor often slept during course). Even though the mistake got rapidly uncovered and also the school is willing to move him into the conventional class, Dewey do not abandon the Buseys and threw a giant temper tantrum.

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